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    Firm Overview

    It’s been said that, when a quarterback is really in the zone, that time slows down. He can see exactly what the defense is doing and how the offense should attack to gain yardage or a touchdown.

    At the Law Office of Dattan Scott Dattan, we can read the opposing counsel in a similar manner. Our experience tells us when to attack or defend, or negotiate and settle. If you want a suppression motion, we’ll tell you right up front whether or not we think it will work.

    Since 1976, attorney D. Scott Dattan has been serving clients ethically, effectively and professionally. Established in 1984, the Law Offices of Dattan Scott Dattan, offers straightforward legal advice and effective litigation.

    “We’re good at ascertaining the issue and then giving our clients straight answers and direct information.” – Attorney D. Scott Dattan

    Alaska Criminal Defense, Family Law, Business Law Attorneys

    Our straightforward advice comes wrapped in a professionally delivered package.

    • Criminal law – If you have a federal criminal case, we’ll work towards a successful outcome.
    • Family law – If you are divorcing, we know that Alaska’s courts start with the presumption of an equitable split of marital assets. Rather than start from an unrealistic 100 percent share of assets, we’ll start with the court’s 50 percent presumption and try to move in a favorable direction.
    • Business law – We’re in business too, and we understand that we must weigh risks and rewards. If a settlement is your best option, we’ll let you know that is the case. If we think we can win your case, we’ll shoot for the end zone.
    • Personal Injury – We have helped injured Alaskans receive compensation for their injuries.