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    Helping Separate Emotions From DecisionsDivorce is an emotional issue. The advantage of working with a mature, responsible and fair family law attorney is that your attorney can help you see beyond the emotions to the better days that can lie ahead. It is not written anywhere that you must emerge from your divorce as a wounded shadow of your former self. You can emerge whole and strong and we can help you get there.At the Law Office of Dattan Scott Dattan, we have been helping individuals enduring divorce since 1984. Our attorneys understand the peculiarities of divorce in Alaska and can help you with the full range of family law matters.
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    Family Lawyers Serving Alaska

    Some of those living in Alaska are transplants and may not be familiar with our laws. We would be happy to discuss your legal matters with you and answer any questions. In summary, the divorce and family law process works as shown below.

    • Division of assets – In Alaska, the court presumes that the marital assets (acquired during marriage) will be divided equally during property settlement. We have experience with issues such as a QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) to divide retirement assets.
    • Spousal support or alimony – In general, the court prefers that all financial matters are settled during the division of assets. Spousal support may be awarded for reorientation to the workforce or rehabilitation and, in some cases, may be awarded on a permanent basis.
    • Child custody – The court favors 50/50 custody arrangements and does not favor removing a child from either parent. Out-of-state parental rights is an issue with which we are familiar. Our family law attorneys are completely familiar with all of the issues common during child custody determinations or custody disputes.
    • Child support – In Alaska, there is a specific guideline (Civil Rule 90.3. Child Support Awards), which is non-negotiable. We can help you understand the guideline.
    • Adoptions – Our lawyers would be pleased to help you accomplish a stepparent or grandparent adoption.

    Child Custody

    Child custody issues occur arise with both married couples and unmarried couples. In the case of unmarried couples, a parenting plan must be filed with the court. The parenting plan includes an outline of legal custody, proposed physical custody, and child support. A custody order may be filed in order to enforce the most suitable arrangement for the child. The child order will be based on the child or children’s best interest- not what is suitable for the couple.


    Establishing paternity means that one party takes an action in determining the father of a child. Once paternity is established, the father’s name may be entered into the child’s birth certificate and the legal father has the responsibility of taking care of the child.

    There are four ways to determine paternity (apart from taking a paternity test):

    • If a child is born while the mother is married, the husband is considered as the legal father of the child, even if the husband is not the biological father of the child
    • The parents acknowledge paternity of the child by signing the Health Analytics & Vital Records Affidavit of Paternity (VS-06-5376 form). This form indicates that the person listed on the child’s birth certificate is the father
    • CSSD can establish paternity by issuing an order to the Health Analytics & Vital Records to add a man to the birth certificate as the father
    • A court order can establish paternity after either parent has filed a complaint to establish paternity

    If you are facing a paternity claim or you have had a court order filed against you, it is important to know your rights. Contact one of our family law attorneys to protect yourself from erroneous or frivolous claims.

    The other issue related to family life, paternity, and married couples, is domestic violence.  Domestic violence is a traumatic experience for everyone involved. If you need to respond to a domestic violence protective order, contact one of family law attorneys right away.

    Domestic Violence And Divorcing Spouses

    For unknown reasons, Alaska has a very high rate of domestic violence. It is particularly common as couples consider divorce or when economic hardships are present. As attorneys with experience in both family law and criminal defense, we also have significant experience representing those involved in a domestic violence dispute, and in obtaining or fighting restraining orders.

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    Since 1984, our law firm has been representing individuals with family law needs. Call (907) 276-8008 or contact our Anchorage law office for seasoned and effective representation from an Alaska divorce lawyer.