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    Alaska Estate Planning Attorneys

    If you are considering putting an estate plan together to specify the distribution of your property upon death, or if you have been named as executor or administrator of the estate of a loved one, you want an experienced attorney to guide you through the process. The estate planning process involves a wide range of tools to help you meet your goals, and the probate process can be confusing and intimidating. Sometimes, the person who is in charge of the estate will have a life insurance policy put in place for those who inherit and need to pay off any finances attached to the estate. If this applies, then it is important to follow the protocols and see what the next steps are to take. You can continue to look into policies like this by checking out websites similar to and others of a similar nature for more information.

    At the Law Office of Dattan Scott Dattan, we bring a wealth of experience to people in Alaska who need to resolve estate or probate issues. Attorney D. Scott Dattan has provided counsel to clients in Alaska since 1984. We take a straightforward approach, carefully explaining your options, as well as the potential consequences of different strategies. We represent every client with honesty and integrity.


    Our Estate And Probate Practice

    We have extensive experience representing executors, administrators and personal representatives in probate proceedings. We will help you complete all the steps required to successfully settle the estate of a loved one, including:

    • The preparation and filing of an accounting of the assets of the estate
    • Notification of creditors or others with an interest in the estate
    • The valuation of property in the estate, if necessary
    • The payment of all final debts of the estate
    • The filing of all estate or inheritance tax returns, as well as the payment of estate taxes
    • The orderly distribution of property in accordance with the terms of the will

    We also represent parties in estate litigation, from will contests to allegations of breach of fiduciary duty.

    Our attorneys will help you with basic estate planning strategies, from the preparation of a will, trust or power of attorney, to the re-titling of property to avoid probate. We also handle adoption proceedings in the probate courts.

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    To set up a private meeting with an experienced Anchorage probate lawyer, contact our office by e-mailor call us toll free at (907) 276-8008. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.