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Potential Defenses For People Charged With a Drug Crime in Anchorage Alaska

Have you been charged with a drug crime in Anchorage, Alaska? Being charged with such a crime is serious business that could cause you to spend several years behind bars if you are found guilty. Even if you had drugs in your vehicle or on your property, there is still a chance for you to beat the case, but it all depends on the situation and the defense strategy. You may want to know more about the potential defenses your attorney can come up with while attempting to get you out of the trouble you are currently in and would like to put past you.

Illegal Search of Property

While police officers have the right to search a vehicle if they believe you have recently committed a crime, they do not have the right to illegally search through your belongings without a reason to do so. If you were not involved in any crime before you got behind the wheel and you were driving while following all the rules of the road, there was no reason for the arresting officers to stop you in the first place. If this was your experience, it sounds more like the police officers were bored, on a power trip, and looking to incriminate someone for anything they could possibly find. You may have allowed the police to search your vehicle because you were feeling scared, nervous, and afraid to get in trouble. You likely had no idea things were going to quickly spiral out of control with you getting arrested and charged with a drug crime.

Your drug crimes defense attorney can build a strong case around the illegal search of your vehicle or property. If the drugs were found during an illegal search, the evidence against you is no longer admissible. If the evidence is not admissible in the courtroom, there is no case against you, and that means you can avoid a lengthy jail sentence for drug charges.

Not Aware of Your Rights

You have probably heard it before, but you have the right to remain silent when you are arrested for any kind of crime. Although you likely knew that before you were arrested, the police officers could have continuously asked you questions in a forceful manner that made you feel uncomfortable, causing you to speak out and self-incriminate yourself in the process. If these officers continued to ask you questions without ever mentioning your Miranda Rights, they are in complete violation of those rights. Anything you initially said to the officers during their interrogation will get thrown right out. If they cannot use your own words against you, they might not have much to go by.

Trouble With Addiction

If the drugs that were seized belonged to you and you have struggled with drug addiction for quite some time, your defense attorney could use this moment to get you the help that you need. If the search was not performed illegally and things are not looking too good for you, your defense attorney can use your addiction as a defense. Rather than getting sentenced to prison and losing your freedom for an extended period, the judge may request that you seek treatment at a rehabilitation center in Alaska or in New York where you can learn to overcome the addiction and cope with your feelings more effectively. Going to a rehabilitation center (sites like could be helpful in this regard) could be far better than going to prison because you can work on making positive changes in your life in a safe, comfortable environment that is far less restrictive. Moreover, you could have your charges dropped upon full completion of the rehabilitation program.

When a person gets arrested and charged with a drug crime in Anchorage, Alaska, these are some of the defense strategies that are often used by professional attorneys. Because every situation is different, your attorney will review the details of your case, gather as much information as possible, and then go over the defense strategy with you to ensure that you are satisfied with it before getting started. Even if you are arrested and charged with a drug crime, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to face the most serious consequences, especially if you have a reputable attorney by your side to fight your case for you.

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