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    Wire fraud is a crime of opportunity. Wire fraud occurs when a person voluntarily and intentionally defrauds another person or company out of money. There are four elements of wire fraud:

    • Voluntarily or willingly participating in a plan to defraud someone out of money
    • Committing wire fraud with the intention to do so
    • Knowingly using interstate wire communications to commit the fraud
    • Demonstrating that interstate wire communications were used

    Wire fraud can take a number of different forms. Wire fraud can occur when a business defrauds its consumers or suppliers by making false representations. Wire fraud can also occur when a business misleads its consumers by publishing materially false advertisements about its company.

    Federal laws on wire fraud impose sentences on the seriousness of the offense and prior criminal history of the individual who has been convicted of wire fraud is taken into account.

    A common form of wire fraud occurs between trustees and beneficiaries. A trustee is someone who is legally responsible for administering property or money in a trust. A trustee has a fiduciary responsibility to follow the instructions of the trust and to administer the trust for the purposes specified in the trust. A beneficiary is someone who derives benefit from the trust, also the subject of the trust. Often, a trustee will use his or her influence to access the funds or assets of the trust to personally enrich themselves. As trusts usually contain sizeable amounts of money, this money is then wired to the trustee and when the trustee uses the funds for personal reasons, this becomes a form of wire fraud.

    If you’re facing a wire fraud charge, you could face paying restitution, fines, penalties or jail time.

    In order to avoid these devastating penalties, it is crucial that you work with our knowledgeable Anchorage mail and wire fraud attorneys to defend your freedom.

    Since 1984, the Law Office of Dattan Scott Dattan has provided legal advice and defense to clients in Anchorage and throughout Alaska in a wide range of criminal matters. We devote a significant portion of the firm’s time and resources to defending clients charged with white collar crimes. If you have been charged with mail fraud or wire fraud, federal prosecutors have likely worked for some time to build a strong case against you. You need an experienced, dedicated criminal defense attorney on your side.

    Alaska Wire Fraud Defense Attorney

    The use of the United States Postal Service (USPS) or methods of electronic communication to perpetrate theft by deception can lead to serious federal criminal charges. Our firm has built a long history of successes defending clients against state or federal charges. Turn to us when your freedom is at stake.

    We have represented individuals and small-business owners in charges involving wire transfer fraud, money laundering or other white collar crimes. We understand that a conviction can lead to devastating consequences that have damaging effects across all facets of your life. Our firm will thoroughly examine your charges and all of the supporting documentation in order to develop a strong defense strategy. Trust us for vigorous defense through all stages of the legal process.

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    Our attorneys are highly specialized with wire fraud convictions and are here to help you make the best decisions in countering your case.

    We offer a private consultation to every client. To arrange a meeting with an experienced Anchorage criminal defense lawyer, contact us by email or call our office at (907) 276-8008. We accept all major credit cards.