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Which Courts Can You Find In Anchorage Alaska?

Anchorage is the largest city in the state of Alaska. This city is found in south-central part of the state and it houses some of the state’s most popular heritage and cultural sites. It also acts as the nerve center of the justice system as it houses some of the most crucial courts in the entire state.


In Anchorage, there are two main courthouses that house different justice departments and courts.


Except on holidays that are recognized in the state of Alaska, courthouses in Anchorage operate during the following hours:


Monday – Thursday: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Friday: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM


However, the courts in Anchorage sometimes expand their hours of operation for some specific cases. Court services that provide Litigation Support and other services may also operate outside of these hours.


List Of Courts In Anchorage


The two main court buildings in Anchorage host the administrative offices of judicial officers, public law libraries and law courts.


The main court buildings are:

  1. Boney Courthouse Building


This building can be found at 303 K Street in Anchorage, Alaska.


It is the home of the Alaska Appellate Courts. This court building acts as the seat of the state Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals and the Clerk’s Office.


  • Court of Appeal


This is where citizens can go to seek recourse after going through the normal court process. In this court, you can find court of appeal judges who usually listen to appeals made by defendants who were not pleased with the judgement passed down by district or lower courts.


  • Supreme Court


In case one is not satisfied with the decisions made by court of appeal judges, they can seek further recourse from the supreme court judges of Alaska who are housed in this building.


  • Office of the Court Clerk


If you are seeking legal records pertaining to a case that has been determined in this building, you can seek assistance from the court clerk who operates from this court house. The work of the court clerk is to keep accurate records of cases, judgements, administer oaths to jurors and witnesses, offer assistance to legal officers such as judges and lawyers and also confirm the authenticity of court documents.


  • Law Library


In case you are seeking to do legal research in Anchorage, you can access tons information on legal matters, judicial precedents set in Alaska and the entire country at large as well as current cases that have been filed before the courts from the law library in this court house.


The Boney Courthouse also offers housing to some therapeutic courts such as the veterans and mental health court.



  1. The Nesbett Courthouse Building


This building is situated at 825 W 4th Avenue in Anchorage, Alaska.


It houses the trial courts for criminal and civil cases and also Therapeutic Courts.


Departments Housed In Courthouse Buildings Found in Anchorage,Alaska



  • Therapeutic courts


‘Therapeutic courts’ is a broad term that is used to represent different courts. Some of the courts described with this term include:


  1. a) Family court – In this court, matters pertaining to the family as a unit are adjudicated. Some of the issues handled in the family court include divorces, child custody cases and domestic violence issues.


  1. b) Mental health court – This is the court that deals with issues that touch on the mental health of persons who have legal suits pending to be determined by the judge or presiding jury.


  1. c) Wellness court – This is a court that is meant to help misdemeanor offenders who have problems with alcohol get sober. Under this court, there is a program meant to offer treatment for substance abuse combined with community support to help offenders get better.


  1. d) Veterans court – This is a court that specifically deals with matters relating to veteran affairs.


It is important to note that the sitting of different courts can change from time to time. For example, the felony wellness court is sometimes seated in the Nesbitt Courthouse while the misdemeanor wellness court is seated in the Boney Courthouse.


Therefore, if you have a legal matter pending before the courts, ensure you understand where the court will be seated beforehand.

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