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    Anchorage Criminal Defense Attorney

    At the Law Office of Dattan Scott Dattan, we have represented individuals and businesses in Alaska since 1984. Our founding attorney, D. Scott Dattan, has built a strong reputation with judges, prosecutors and colleagues in the local legal community. As experienced trial attorneys, we are always ready and willing to take your case to court to protect your rights.

    Criminal Defense Attorney Scott Dattan

    Full Service Law Firm in Anchorage Alaska

    We handle a broad range of legal matters, offering comprehensive counsel in the following areas:

    Criminal Defense Attorney

    Criminal prosecution, including state and federal charges, from drug offenses to fraud and racketeering to violent crimes.

    Facing criminal charges can be scary.  Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, facing the possibility of a hefty fine or imprisonment, you want competent representation.  Defending against a criminal charge can be very complex.  Every crime brings with it a set of elements which must be proven before a conviction can result.  This is true for violent and nonviolent crimes.

    Our Anchorage criminal defense attorneys are available for all types of criminal offenses including assault and battery, domestic violence, rape, prostitution, drug trafficking, racketeering, and even murder.  These offenses are the most serious and carry the harshest of penalties like a term of imprisonment.  Our criminal defense attorneys also assist people with nonviolent offenses, such as embezzlement, mortgage or welfare fraud, money laundering, mail and wire fraud, juvenile crimes, and fish and game violations. All charges should be considered as  serious and could result in a life-changing conviction.  A conviction will follow you around for the rest of your life.  Make every attempt to prevent this from happening or minimize this reality, by having a criminal defense lawyer the Law Office of Dattan Scott Dattan represent you.

    Business Law Attorney

    Business law, including the litigation of commercial disputes, as well as advice regarding business transactions such as business formation or commercial contracts.

    In Alaska, there are statutory and regulatory requirements to comply with when forming a business.  Parties interested in business formation must register with the State of Alaska Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing.  This includes filing the proper forms, paying applicable fees, and meeting further requirements.

    Legal guidance is necessary to ensure that all of these requirements are met to guarantee a successful business formation. Business owners are not immune from being sued.  There are many scenarios which could result in a lawsuit against a business.  Workplace employment issues include discrimination, harassment, wage related claims, wrongful termination, and even negligence.  Also, individuals or other businesses may sue for Breach of Contract.  When a business owners’ livelihood is at stake, it is important to seek legal advice. The Anchorage business lawyers at The Law Office of Dattan Scott Dattan can help.

    Family Law Attorney

    Family law, from the filing of a divorce to disputes over child custody and visitation, child support, alimony or spousal support, and property division. We also assist clients with juvenile DVs, QDROs, dissolution, and adoptions.

    Family law is always complicated.  It deals with the most personal and intimate of relationships.  This can include marriage, divorce, child custody, support, and adoption. Seeking to gain custody of a child is not an easy endeavor.  Make sure the process does not hit any unnecessary snags by seeking dependable legal representation.

    Real Estate Attorney

    Real estate issues such as disputes over disclosure, breach of contract or misrepresentation, and the review of all documents related to real estate deals.

    Laws related to real estate can be complicated.  Real estate law includes a broad range of issues such as easement disputes, foreclosures, injuries, property taxes, neighbor relations, property deeds, real estate warranties, different types of mortgages, insurance, landlord/tenant matters, and issues related to buying and selling real estate.  Decode these laws by seeking competent legal representation.

    Personal Injury Attorney

    Personal injury claims, including aviation or airplane accidents, motor vehicle crashes and slip-and-fall accidents.

    Personal injury is defined as an injury to the body or mind.  In order to prove a personal injury, certain things must be proven before damages can be awarded.  To ensure that the responsible party or parties are held liable, seek legal representation.  Representation is available for injuries related to motor vehicle and airplane accidents, slip-and-falls, accidents involving a dangerous or defective product, and all types of serious and catastrophic claims including: brain or spinal cord trauma, broken bones, paralysis, and amputation or loss of limb.

    Estate Planning & Probate Attorney

    Estate and probate concerns, from the preparation of an estate plan to the completion of all steps necessary to settle an estate.

    No one wants to think about their life ending.  However, it is imperative to address how your property will be distributed and who will be in charge of carrying out your wishes.  Estate planning is a necessary part of life, especially if you want to ensure that all the right people get your property when you pass.  Legal guidance is a must for the more complex estates.

    A Will is a document that describes what you want to happen to your property after your death.  Without a Will, you leave it up to the State of Alaska to dictate what will happen with it.  In order to have a valid Will, several requirements must be met.  Seeking legal representation will ensure that it is done right.  If your loved one did not have a Will or it is disputed, the estate will have to go through Probate.  Probate is the official way that an estate gets settled under the supervision of the Court.  The Court will appoint an Executor or Personal Representative to handle the affairs of the estate.  This can be a daunting responsibility and legal guidance is a must.

    To learn more about the full scope of our practice, see our practice area overview page.

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